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Vacation Home North Sea

A short walk from the house, along the dike, will take you to a grocery store, gift shop, Bakery, Restaurants and Cafes. A walk along the same dike for about 5 km will lead you to „Friedrichskoog Spitze“ with outdoor fitness park, miniature golf, beach volleyball and the large adventures playground for kids. In „Friedrichskoog Spitze“ is the North Sea Clinic, for children and their parents. Next to the Clinic there is the tourist information center, as well as a little shopping area, ice cream and snack shop. The safe guard tower is in „Friedrichskoog Spitze“ and observes the dike / ocean area. We recommend trips to the nearby towns, like Büsum, St. Peter Ording and Brunsbüttel. Heide offers the largest marketplace in Germany every Saturday from 9 am – 13.00 pm.

Relax in a beach chair, walk within the wadden sea. Visit the seal station and Willi the Whale (indoor playground), bike or skate on the dike, enjoy the colorful nature and beautiful sunsets. Walk along the Salt meadows on „Trischendamm“ and breathe maritime Aerosol.

Arrival by car: From Hamburg traveling A23 to Itzehoe, exit the Autobahn on Route B5 torwards Brunsbüttel. Once in Brunsbüttel stay on Route B5 torwards Marne, and in Marne follow the Sign Friedrichskoog.

Arrival by train: The following stations are near: St. Michaelisdonn, Meldorf or Brunsbüttel. For further information please check the Internet site from the German Railway Company / Deutsche Bahn www.bahn.de. There is a Bus station in Marne which offers a direct connection from Marne-Friedrichskoog, the drive takes about 20 minutes. Bus number 2510.

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